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Change or improve the voice for speech output

Wokabulary uses the built-in speech output of macOS and iOS. For optimal experience you manually need to download high quality voices for the language you learn.

Using keyboard shortcuts on Mac and iPad

Many actions in Wokabulary can be performed with keyboard shortcuts.

Look up translations using the built-in dictionary

macOS and iOS include free bilingual English dictionaries for many languages. You can easily look up words in these dictionaries right from within Wokabulary.

Share word lists with your friends via AirDrop

Wokabulary makes it very easy to exchange words with your friends or classmates.

Setup and switch keyboard layouts

Wokabulary lets you learn words in any script. It can even automatically switch between keyboard layouts.

Export all your data for backups

If needed, you can export all your Wokabulary data in one step. This includes all your vocabulary files as well any metadata like technical logs.

Frequent questions

How are words selected for the Quiz?

Wokabulary automatically applies a spaced repetition scheme to your words.

How can I change the interface language?

Wokabulary supports the following interface languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

How do I edit or delete multiple words?

You can easily edit or delete multiple or even all words simultaneously.

Is there an option to export word lists as HTML or PDF?

Wokabulary lets you export your words as CSV, which you can easily edit or re-export in Numbers or Excel.

How can I import words in Wokabulary?

Wokabulary supports the most common CSV formats as used by most other flash card apps, as well as by Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel.

How do I handle synonyms or multiple translations?

Wokabulary automatically recognized synonyms in the quiz and lets you filter for them.

How should a CSV file be formatted for importing?

Wokabulary supports the most common CSV formats as used by most other flash card apps, as well as by Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel.

Can I manually trigger syncing?

Syncing will be performed automatically whenever you add or modify a word, or when you do a quiz.

How can I restore a deleted language?

Deleting a language is permanent and automatically synced. However, Wokabulary creates automatic backups.

Will there be an Android or Windows version?



How to activate your purchase on new / other devices

Your subscription should automatically be unlocked on all your devices. If not, you can manually restore it.

How can I upgrade or cancel my subscription?

Yes. The Wokabulary Unlimited subscription includes all your devices.

Will a single subscription apply to all my devices?

Yes. The Wokabulary Unlimited subscription includes all your devices.

Can I share my purchase with my family?

The Wokabulary Unlimited Family subscription grants everybody in your Apple Family Sharing account full access to Wokabulary.

Purchasing does not work

If you have problems purchasing the Wokabulary please check the your App Store setup.

How do I request a refund?

You can request refunds on the Apple Support pages.

What happens when my subscription expires?

After the end of your subscription, you cannot add any new words but can still view, and export your words.

Subscription purchase keeps resetting on Mac

In very rare cases it can happen on macOS that your purchase keeps disappearing. This can be resolved by resetting the App Store cache.


iCloud syncing not working

If you have problems with syncing, please try these steps first.

Languages missing / not syncing to Apple Watch

Initial syncing to Apple Watch unfortunately often takes a long time.

Wokabulary 5 Legacy

How can I restore my purchase in Wokabulary 5?

You can always restore your existing purchase on new devices.

How do I export my words on the iPhone or iPad in Wokabulary 5?

In Wokabulary 5, you find the export button at the bottom right corner of the filter sidebar.

How to manually migrate your words and progress to Wokabulary 6

When you first open Wokabulary 6, your data will automatically be migrated. But you can also manually export and import your vocabularies.

Words are missing after migrating from Wokabulary 5 to 6

Wokabulary 5 and Wokabulary 6 are completely separate apps and don't sync with each other.

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