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How are words selected for the Quiz?

Spaced Repetition

Wokabulary automatically applies a spaced repetition scheme to your words.

As you do quizzes, words get automatically sorted into learning levels. When you answer a word correctly in the quiz, it rises to the next higher level. If you answer it wrong, it drops to a lower level.

The higher the level, the better you know a word and the less often you need to review it. So, the time intervals after which a word is recommended to be quizzed again increase with the level.

Repetition pattern

Wokabulary recommends words for a quiz depending on what level they are in and when they have been last asked in a quiz. Words are considered due for a quiz according to the following repetition pattern:

Learning Level Period
New After 1 day
Level 1 After 2 days
Level 2 After 5 days
Level 3 After 12 days
Level 4 After 4 weeks
Learned After 9 weeks

You can adjust this pattern in the Wokabulary Settings and choose a short or longer schema.

Wokabulary automatically selects the words for the quiz which should be practiced at that moment. Of course, you can always do a quiz on any other selection of words you like by using a custom filter. And you can always select more words than what is recommended.

Word selection

Wokabulary will select words for the quiz using the following algorithm:

  1. Take at least 10% new words
  2. Take remaining from words in Levels 1-4 that are due
  3. Take remaining from New words that are due, with recently asked preferred
  4. Take remaining from Learned words that are due
  5. If the user wants to quiz more words than are due (recommended) for a quiz, take remaining not-due words from all levels, those with next due date first
  6. Shuffle all selected words