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Purchasing does not work

If you have problems purchasing the Wokabulary please check the following:

  • It sometimes happens that the App Store is down. Please check Apple’s system status
  • Make sure In-App Purchases are enabled on your device
  • Make sure the payment information on your Apple ID is valid
  • In the App Store app make sure you are signed in with the correct account and you have selected the correct store for your country
  • On the Mac, it often helps to log out of the Mac App Store (select "Sign out" from the Store menu in the App Store app) and then log in again
  • Try restarting Wokabulary (on the iPhone or iPad force quit the app by pressing the home button twice and swiping the Wokabulary window out of screen)
  • Try restarting your device

If this all fails and purchasing still does not work for you, please contact us.