Introducing Wokabulary's new subscription model: flexibility, value, and family sharing

By Anna —

So many things are new about Wokabulary 6 and so is our pricing model, which aims at providing even greater value and flexibility to our users. As part of our commitment to continually improve Wokabulary, we have transitioned to a subscription-based model that offers enhanced features and benefits.

Our new pricing structure introduces monthly subscriptions with complete flexibility, discounted yearly subscriptions, and the ability to share the app with your family.

Try it for free — no strings attached

Wokabulary is a great app for learning foreign language words. But don’t take our word — try it yourself. We want our users to be able to test the app extensively before they commit to a purchase. That is why you can download and use Wokabulary 6 for free with up to 60 words. No signup required, no time limit. We are sure the app will convince you — and if not, please let us know what you are missing.

One subscription – All devices

With the Wokabulary Unlimited subscription, you can add unlimited words and use Wokabulary on all your Apple devices: On your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! This helps you to learn and practice seamlessly anytime and wherever you are. All your words and progress are smoothly synced between your devices.

Screenshot of the subscription site of Wokabulary for Mac with the options Unlimited Flex, Unlimited Pro and Unlimited Family.

Unlimited Flex – monthly subscription with full flexibility

The monthly subscription plan “Flex” grants you access to Wokabulary Unlimited for a low monthly fee. Whether you are a seasonal learner or want to explore the app even more thoroughly before committing to a long-term subscription — with Wokabulary Flex, you can choose to cancel or modify your subscription at any time.

Unlimited Flex is available for just $3.49 per month! (Prices here refer to the US market. Please see the App Store page for local prices in your region.)

Unlimited Pro – Discounted yearly subscription

For everyone ready to commit to long-term progress, we offer a discounted yearly subscription plan. Unlimited Pro is available for $29.99 per year, which is only $2.49 per month. So, you save more than 30% over Unlimited Flex!
(Prices here refer to the US market. Please see the App Store page for local prices in your region.)

Unlimited Family – Family Sharing for shared language learning experiences

Language learning becomes even more enjoyable when shared with family members. With our new pricing model, we introduce Family Sharing for Wokabulary on all devices, allowing you to include your family.
Share Wokabulary with family members, inspiring and supporting each other's progress. And share your vocabularies with Wokabulary’s export and import functions!

By fostering a collaborative environment, you can create a shared learning experience that enhances motivation and accelerates the expansion of your personal vocabulary.

Unlimited Family is available for $34.99 per year, which is only $2.92 per month. A single Family subscription grants unlimited access for everybody in your Family Sharing group.
(Prices here refer to the US market. Please see the App Store page for local prices in your region.)

Introductory Offers

The introduction of our new subscription model marks a new chapter for Wokabulary bringing enhanced value, flexibility, and shared language learning experiences to our users. With monthly and discounted yearly subscriptions, along with the option to share the app with your family, we aim to cater to a diverse range of learning preferences and budgets.

To celebrate the launch of Wokabulary 6, we offer significant discounts on the Unlimited Pro and Unlimited Family subscriptions until the end of July 2023. We offer the first year of Unlimited Pro for only $19.99 (USA) and the first year of Unlimited Family for only $24.99, so you save ~30%! (Please see the App Store page for local prices in your region.)

The awesome features you get

No matter which subscription model you choose. With all of them, you get the same awesome features set!

  • Manage your words and learn on all your devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch
  • Spaced repetition system: Your words get automatically sorted into learning levels to practice new and difficult words more often
  • Practice your words in three quiz modes: Flash card quiz, typing quiz, and listening quiz
  • Organize your words with tags
  • Powerful search and filters
  • Easily manage multiple languages
  • Learn any foreign language and any script
  • Track your progress with detailed statistics
  • Unlock achievements
  • Seamless iCloud syncing
  • Share words with your family, friends, and classmates
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