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Flash card vocabulary learning app.

For iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

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Learn wherever you are!

Wokabulary syncs your words and your progress between your iPhone, your iPad and your Mac.

Wokabulary on an iPhone, on an iPad, on a MacBook, and on an Apple Watch

Individual and efficient vocabulary learning

Are you learning a language in school, evening class, or in self-study?
Wokabulary is a versatile flash card learning tool that lets you manage and practise your own vocabulary.

Learn any Language

Wokabulary can handle any foreign language and any alphabet. Easily manage multiple languages!

Spaced Repetition

Words get automatically sorted in learning levels. New and difficult words are asked more often — old and easy words less often.

Powerful Search & Filters

Quickly lookup words with the search, categorize your vocabulary with tags, and directly identify hard words and synonyms.

Motivating Statistics

See your learning progress, keep up a steady learning pace, unlock achievements, and compare with your friends!

Versatile Quiz Modes

Learn and repeat your words with the flash card quiz, practice your spelling in the typing quiz, or test your listening comprehension in the dictation quiz!

Import & Export

Import wordlists from the Web or share vocabulary with your classmates via AirDrop!

Dictionary & Translation

Look up words in the macOS and iOS dictionaries or translate words with DeepL. All with just one click!

See for yourself

What our users are saying

I’ve been using this app for four years now and have over 3000 words input into it. Was definitely worth every dollar, and helped me memorize all the words I was learning from conversations, class and books after I moved to France in 2016. The sorting feature by subject is great, as is the fact that the app works just as well on my phone as on my computer.

— e.roscoe from the USA

Wokabulary is far and away the best app that is available on the app store and is really the best vocabulary app I have used in general. And I have used several.

— baileyjn from the USA

Really helpful. I use it every day as a part of my routine, effortlessly learning a lot of vocabulary and improving my language skills, 100% recommendable

— NatSrio from Spain

If you are like me, and you like to build your own vocabilary database and learn a language fast, this tool is good for you. No extra bells and whistles, which is good. I like that it selects the keyboard layout of the language you are trying to learn (which can also be customised).

— oliver_learn_swedish from Sweden

Alternative to Anki

Wokabulary is a native app with modern interface and features tailored for learning foreign language words.
The best alternative to Anki

Try it for free!

Wokabulary is a free download for iPhone, iPad and Mac!