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Learn and Manage your Vocabulary

Wokabulary is not a language course app. It is a versatile tool that helps you manage and learn your own vocabulary.

Wokabulary vocabulary flash card app for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Manage your words efficiently

  • Quickly add new words
  • Group and filter your words using topic tags
  • Find your words swiftly with the live search

Learn wherever you are

  • Wokabulary automatically syncs your vocabularies between all your Macs, iPads and iPhones
  • Have your words with you wherever you go
  • Quickly add new vocabulary – whether in class or on the go

Difficulty aware flash card quiz

  • Words get assigned difficulty levels based on how well you knew them in the quiz
  • New and difficult words are asked more often
  • Old and easy words are asked less often
  • Two quiz modes let you rehearse your words according to your personal learning preferences

Motivating Statistics

  • Get an overview of your progress
  • Visualize your learning success

Import and export words easily

  • Import existing word lists from CSV-files
  • Export word lists and share them with your friends (In-App Purchase, Mac only)

Learn any foreign language you want

  • Wokabulary can handle any foreign language and any script
  • Wokabulary switches keyboard layouts automatically
  • Easily manage multiple languages (In-App Purchase)