Feature Requests & Feedback

If you have feature requests or improvement suggestions for Wokabulary, just let us know:
We are happy about all user feedback!


The following features are already planned and will be released with the upcoming updates:

  • Custom word lists / collections / folders

    Organize words in custom lists for quick access from the sidebar.
  • Integration with Siri and Apple Intelligence

    Add words and search your vocabulary with Siri and the new Apple Intelligence.

In Discussion

The following feature requests have been submitted by users but we are not yet sure when or how we will implement them:

  • Full text search

    Option to perform full text search instead of word search.
  • Delete words from within the Quiz

    Directly delete words from within a quiz session.
  • Audio / speech recording attachments

    Attach audio files or record audio to use for speech output.
  • Multiple choice quiz mode

    An additional quiz mode in which the correct answer needs to be picked from multiple suggested words.
  • Highlight wrong characters in typing quiz

    In case of a wrong answer in the typing quiz, the wrong letters are highlighted.
  • Add words from other apps using the share function

    Words can be selected in other apps and be added to Wokabulary using the share function.


The following features were all inspired by feedback from our users and have already been implemented:

  • Voice selection for speech output

    2024-06 v6.6
    If you have installed multiple HD voices for a language, you can select your favorite in the language settings.
  • Variable tag sorting

    2024-04 v6.5
    Sort your tags by creation date, name, or frequency
  • Uniform blur for the flash card quiz answers

    2024-04 v6.5
    There is now a setting to use a constant length generic blur for the hidden solution in the flash card quiz, so the shape or length don’t reveal the answer.
  • Filter by excluding tags

    2024-04 v6.5
    Filter for words that don’t have selected tags.
  • Lock screen widgets

    2024-03 v6.4
    Repeat single Words and see your progress directly on your lock screen.
  • Lifetime purchase

    2024-03 v6.4
    As an alternative to the flexible subscription, you can now also purchase Wokabulary as a one-time lifetime purchase.
  • Dictionary and translation

    2024-01 v6.3
    Have words translated directly in Wokabulary or look them up in the dictionary with just one click.
  • Ignore text in brackets in the typing quiz and for speech

    2024-01 v6.3
    Text in brackets is ignored in the typing quiz, in the word sorting, and in the read-out function.
  • Improved accessibility

    2023-11 v6.2
    Extended VoiceOver support to improve usability and user experience.
  • Home Screen widget

    2023-09 v6.1
    Do a mini quiz directly on your Home Screen or on your Desktop.
  • Larger font size for Japanese, Kanji, Hanja, and Chinese

    2023-07 v6.0
    Words in languages with script richt in detail like Japanese or Chinese are displayed larger.
  • Markdown formatting in comments

    2023-07 v6.0
    Word comments can be formatted with Markdown.
  • Statistics dashboard

    2023-07 v6.0
    See your current progress and word level distribution at once glance.
  • Option to ignore case in the typing quiz

    2023-07 v6.0
    In the settings you can make the typing quiz case-insensitive.
  • Usage streaks and achievements

    2023-07 v6.0
    Learn daily to keep your streak and unlock motivating achievements.
  • Image attachments and custom vocabulary names

    2023-07 v6.0
    Add images to your words and give your vocabulary custom names to also learn technical terms with Wokabulary.
  • Filter for recently added words

    2023-07 v6.0
    See on one glance which words have been added today, yesterday, or over the last weeks.
  • Find duplicates and synonyms

    2023-07 v6.0
    Easily see all synonyms or duplicates in your vocabulary.
  • Dry-run learning quiz mode

    2023-07 v6.0
    Walk through all words of a quiz without affecting their learning levels.


The following features do not align with our vision of Wokabulary or are technically very expensive. These features will most likely never be implemented:

  • Windows or Android apps

    While Windows or Android apps would make Wokabulary accessible to even more users, we are not planning to implement versions for non-Apple platforms.
    We are a small team of iOS and Mac developers and focus on these platforms.
  • Separate fields for grammar, articles, pronunciation, Katakana, Romanization

    We regularly receive feature requests to add fields for special properties for specific languages to store things like gender for German, verb conjugation for French, Katakana for Japanese, or romanization for Chinese.
    In general, we don’t want to add features for specific languages. Wokabulary can be used to learn any language, and we rather focus on features that benefit all our users.
    We recommend using the comment field for any additional information like grammar, pronunciation, or romanization. The Markdown support even allows you to format the comments to your needs.
  • Go back to previous word in Quiz

    It can happen that you tapped or typed to quickly and want to go back in the quiz. However, the word will be asked again soon anyway, so an accidental miss-answer does not much damage. On the other hand, an option to go back would make the interface more overloaded and complicated.
  • Filters and speech output on the Watch

    The Watch app is meant as a small companion app and so you can do a quick mini quiz. As Watch apps are intended for quick interactions, we want to keep the interface as simple as possible.
  • Show multiple languages per card

    The idea is that when you have the same word in multiple languages stored in Wokabulary, the quiz could ask you for all languages. Yet, we think automatically connecting these words only works in early stage learning. As you progress, the vocabularies in different languages will differ significantly, breaking the feature.