Wokabulary featured on the Apple App Store

By Anna —

With its features, the App Store showcases great apps and games that impact the lives of people around the world and throws a spotlight on developers doing incredible work.

This month, our flash card learning app Wokabulary was featured as “App of the Day” and as “Perfect for iOS 17” on the App Store 🎉

Screenshot of Wokabulary feature on the App Store displaying an artwork.

The full feature story is also accessible from Wokabulary’s iOS App Store page.

Here is an excerpt why Apple considers Wokabulary one of their "favorite apps" for iPhone and iPad (translated from German):

How many times do you need to see a word before it becomes part of your vocabulary? Find out with Wokabulary 6 - Flash Cards.
This app trains your vocabulary and helps you expand your lexical range in any language. Add words and phrases from your own syllabus, prepare for exams and accompany your studies.

We particularly like this:
Finding out if you really know the words. Put yourself to the test with quiz cards. The more often you get the right answer, the less often the word appears.

Widgets to practice your vocabulary + New Apple Watch app

Right on time for the launch of the new operating system, Wokabulary now comes with interactive quiz widgets for macOS and iOS, and with a redesigned watch app for watchOS 10.

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