Wokabulary 5.7 released: Improvements on Wokabulary’s quiz algorithm

By Anna —

Wokabulary's quiz algorithm

At the heart of Wokabulary are its quizzez. And the way the words are presented deeply influence when and how often you learn and repeat them.
The algorithm of the quiz takes care of the ideal combination of repetiton of new words, well known – and therefore maybe almost forgotten – words, and words that you find hard to remember. The recent weeks we’ve spent on improving the way different levels are handled, how mistakes influence the selection of words asked, and we thought about customizability

Also, we made sure that you are in control of what happens. We added settings and filtering options, so that you can customize the quiz to your preferences and needs.

Rubik cubes, Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

New Features and improvements on the quiz algorithm

  • Words from unknown levels will be selected much smarter
  • Repeating wrong answered words in a quiz will shuffle the words better
  • Tag filters will now OR multiple tags instead of AND-ing them
  • Handling of tags in filtering can be set in setting
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