Wokabulary 5.10 released: Powerful word import functions

By Anna —

What keeps us motivated is the feedback we get from you!

Many of you contact us not only to report bugs or problems, but to tell us how they use Wokabulary to learn foreign languages. And we highly appreciate all the ideas for improvement you send us.

We are convinced that the best way to improve Wokabulary is to talk and listen to our users directly. That is why we want to make it even easier for you to tell us what features and improvements you would like to see in Wokabulary.

New import function

Following your reports and feature requests (Thanks to you, Olli and Reiner!) we introduce new and more powerful import functionalities for words.

Wokabulary already gives you the opportunity to not only write down new words but also to import words and word lists. When doing this, the matching engine of Wokabulary checks if the new words already exists and only adds words that are not part of your vocabulary yet.

To allow you to add further information on existing words, we made some adjustments. Now tags from the imported words will also be assigned when the imported word already exists in your vocabulary and will be added to the current tags.

What do YOU need?

Do you miss a feature or have suggestions for improvements? Let us know via our new feedback platform feedback.wokabulary.com.

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