Wokabulary 5.0 released: new statistics and design overhaul

By Anna — June 18, 2018

Getting a bit nostalgic

When we first released Wokabulary in 2011 it wasn’t named Wokabulary yet, but Papapapapaya and the icon was a melon, because we found that funny. To be a bit nostalgic, this is how Version 1.0 looked like, with self-designed icons and graphics:

Screenshot of Wokabulary version 1, then named Papapapaya, in 2011.

Maybe it was at least a little bit funny, but the naming wasn’t really helpful, so we changed the name and added more and more features to make Wokabulary a powerful tool for language learning.
Four major releases later, Wokabulary 5.0 comes with a new design and with a complete redesign of the statistics.
Also, the update includes some minor bugfixes concerning the switching between languages and the inclusion of learnt words in the quiz.

New Features

  • Complete redesign of statistics
  • Design overhaul of most other views
  • Changed quiz intervals to longer intervals
  • Quiz automatically reads out foreign words