Free CSV word lists for Japanese with base vocabulary

By Anna —

This August, we published the first free CSV word lists of the 200 most important words in English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Slovak, and Korean. Now, we are adding one more language to the collection: free Japanese word list 🇯🇵!

Screenshot of free CSV word list for Japanese and English in Wokabulary

We provide vocabulary word lists organized by topics for all combinations of the mentioned languages. So, we not only have English-Japanese base vocabulary and Japanese-Korean wordlists, but also more unusual combinations like Finnish-Japanese, or Slovak-Japanese.

Import CSV lists in Wokabulary

These CSV word lists can be imported in any flash card learning app.
But, of course, the best app to manage and practise your foreign langauge vocabulary on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad is Wokabulary.

To add the word lists to Wokabulary, just click the import button in the vocabulary view, select the CSV file, and confirm the import preview. Now you can directly start learning your new words in the quiz!

For a more detailed explanation see our support page.

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