Collecting your feedback with Nolt

By Anna — July 21, 2022

Your feedback drives Wokabulary

From the very beginning of Wokabulary, direct contact with our users has been very important and motivating to us.

We receive most of your feedback on our support email address. That includes questions about functionality and about the purchase process, as well as bug reports. But also lots of compliments, improvement suggestions, and feature requests. We respond to every user request and appreciate the exchange and get valuable advice from you, for example on the presentation of specific font systems or on accessibility.

We are especially delighted to be in regular contact with some enthusiastic long-term Wokabulary users, who provide us with valuable feedback, use-cases and ideas for new functionalities.

While we address frequently asked questions on our support site, we were looking for a good way to also discuss and share ideas on future features and include our users in the collection of ideas and priorization for new features.

Building the roadmap for the next Wokabulary version on your feedback

Since we are currently working on a new, completely remade version of Wokabulary, we looked into possibilities to collect user feedback in a better way. There are many extensive product boards and several tools to collect product feedback and manage roadmaps. We chose Nolt, a minimalistic and intuitive feedback board. It allows our users to add feature suggestions and to vote on existing features.

Screenshot of Wokabulary feedback using Nolt

So, we can get direct feedback from our users on planned features and also channel their feature suggestions. And for you, our users, the new Nolt board gives you an overview of what other users requested, see what our roadmap is, and even engage in our small but motivated Wokabulary community.

Curious to see your priorities and ideas 🤩

Nolt helps us to centralize your feedback and allows us to invite you to directly participate in priorization and planning of new features.

We are excited to see your ideas and votes on and we are looking forward to discussing the future of Wokabulary together with you there!