The Team behind Wokabulary

Photography: Alexander Indra

Gabriel Reimers

Gabriel holds a Diploma in computer science and linguistics with a focus on natural language processing and aerospace engineering. He is responsible for Wokabulary's product development and user experience.
Besides developing various apps, Gabriel also did research on user generated content and eLearning at the Quality and Usability Lab of TU Berlin.
Currently Gabriel works as a project manager for an international NGO.
In his spare time he blogs about security and privacy on

Julius Peinelt

Julius holds a Diploma in musicology and computer science with a focus on spacecrafts and artificial intelligence.
He is our coding expert and knows everything about software development.
Julius also plays the bass guitar in the blues rock band Harpo Dell
Currently Julius works as a software engineer at Futurice.

Anna Neovesky

Anna holds a Master degree in medieval history, modern history and computer science.
Speaking four foreign languages, she is our scientific advisor and responsible for Wokabulary's design and public outreach.
Anna is deputy head of the Digital Academy at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz and conducts research at the intersection between humanities and computer science.

Wokabulary is a side project to our day jobs. Even though we cannot put all our time into it, Wokabulary has our full dedication and passion.

We have been developing and maintaining Wokabulary since 2012.
By purchasing the Wokabulary Pro Features you directly support development.